Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Massive apologies for the lack of posts on my blog over the past few months. I realise it has been somewhat neglected recently, so I felt I should post a little update. 

After months of searching for a part-time job, I very recently secured one in a little bookshop in the town where I live; the highlight of my first day involved sorting through all their children's picture books. Imagine me, sitting on the floor, totally surrounded by beautifully illustrated picture books; it was a dream! I think I will really enjoy working there. In addition to this, all their picture books are crazily cheap, so I imagine my first months wages may be spent on a new bookcase!

In terms of illustration work, things have been a little quiet of late; I have been caught up in the process of first selling, and now buying, a house! Very exciting, but ridiculously time-consuming. Once we are all moved in, and I have taken over the spare bedroom as my new studio, I will be back to work! However, a few months ago I began creating some work for the lovely Caroline, who asked if I could design the branding - logo, headers, banners - for a new website she is creating. The name of the website has been changed since I created these initial designs, so I thought I'd post them for you all to see. As you can tell, they were a great excuse for me to play around with creating hand-drawn typography, which is pretty much one of my favourite activities in the whole world.

I will leave the final designs for you to see for yourself once the website goes live. If anyone is interested in commissioning me to create any banners or logos or hand-drawn typography for any purpose, please feel free to contact me - my email address is listed over on the right.

On a final note, although I imagine this is the last thing you want to read about in the first few weeks of September, I noticed that my local post office has begun to sell Christmas cards already. This prompted me to list my illustrated Christmas cards, including my Bah Humbug anti-Christmas card perfect for any scrooges amongst you, in my shop; they're all ready for those of you who don't like to leave things to the last minute December rush. Check them out here.