Thursday, 23 June 2011

All Tropical | Super Squirrel Tee.

Meet Mister Squirrel! He loves biscuits and he'd love to be printed on a tee! Mister Squirrel is the star of my new All Tropical t-shirt design, and now he really needs your help.

If you'd like to see this little cutie printed on a t-shirt, then we need your votes. Pleeease pop over to All Tropical, and rate my design (five palms would make us very happy). If you're feeling extra lovely, it would be ace if you could leave a little comment too. You will need to join the site to vote for my design, but it only takes a second and you don't get any annoying emails. :]

You can also vote for my design by liking it on Facebook, or tweeting about it on Twitter. The more of these you do, the more likely this little fella will win, so please be super lovely and vote. Thank you. :]

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