Friday, 7 October 2011

All Tropical | Ghosts of Gone Birds.

This is an illustration I created as a tee design for the Ghosts of Gone Birds challenge for All Tropical. Ghosts of Gone Birds is a project which brings extinct species of birds back to life through the use of different artistic mediums, and the challenge was to design a t-shirt which would 'breathe life back into the birds we have lost'.

I chose to illustrate the Cuban Macaw; a bird which was native to Cuba, and which became extinct due to people disturbing nests to capture young birds to keep as pets. The Cuban Macaw was such a vibrant and brightly-coloured bird that it captured me immediately. It was a beautiful bird to illustrate, and also worked well with the four colour limit, which was a challenge in itself! I think it's such a shame that this bird is no longer around to brighten up our world.

So now it's over to you guys! I would reeeally appreciate all your ratings, comments and likes and it would also be ace if you could tweet about it and share the link with everyone you know. My design needs to be in the top 10 rated designs in order for me to be in with a chance of winning, which would mean my design would be printed on real t-shirts and then sold at the Ghost of Gone Birds exhibition in London next month, which would obviously be amazing! So please get voting!


  1. Oh thats lovely :-) I will tweet and spread the word :-)

  2. i love your design for All Tropical!! I also did one too :)


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