Monday, 28 November 2011

A little bit of nostalgia | Old work.

I spent part of this weekend sorting through my stuff in the loft, and discovered loads of my old artwork, both from school and from my foundation course. Obviously it's not the best work I've ever done, but I found it interesting to look through and see how my style has developed and changed since then, so I thought I'd share a few of my favourite pieces.

All of the above were taken from a still life project I completed whilst I was at school. Looking back, I can see that my work had an illustrative edge to it even then, although I was doing a fine art course. I think it's interesting to see how my work has developed - I was much more into painting back then, although this was the time that I started experimenting with collage.

A mixed media piece based on a Banyan tree.

My final piece from a project about reflections.


  1. I love the painting with the puddle, so good!

  2. I love the first bear made out of collage. The textures look really good!


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