Sunday, 1 April 2012

Doodler's Anonymous | Colouring book.

This is a colouring page that I designed for a chance to be included in Doodler's Anonymous new colouring book. Unfortunately, my entry wasn't selected to be part of the final book, but I had fun creating this image, especially playing around with the typography.

If you or your children would like to use this image to colour in, please feel free to download a copy. I'd love to see my monster all colourful, so it would be ace if you could send me a photo once you're done - I'll post all your pictures on my blog, so get colouring! :]


  1. i love this! it's so cute, i think you should just do a full colouring book of your monsters! maybe even just a mini one, i'd love to see it though, it would be awesome xX

  2. thanks Jade, that's an awesome idea! i definitely need to do that! :]


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