Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Hello new business cards!

I first designed myself some business cards back in my final year of Uni, and although at the time I was very happy with them, I decided recently it was definitely time for a new design. For a start, my old business cards don't display my logo, which means that they aren't consistent with my website, or the banner on my blog, or the cute little stickers I use when packaging items from my shop. Also, I think my style has developed considerably since leaving Uni, and I wanted my business cards to reflect my current work, rather than work I created years ago.

These are some of the designs I contemplated using;

But (with a little bit of help from some of you guys on Twitter..!), I finally decided that this was my favourite design;

Annnnd look what arrived in the post this morning! BOOM. 

They have arrived justtt in time to take along to my very first craft fair this weekend! I will be selling Christmas cards, and lots of other illustrated goodies - perfect as Christmas presents, or just a little treat for yourself. If you live in, or around, Dorset then please come and have a peek - I'll even let you have a business card! The Christmas bizarre is taking place on Saturday 1st December in the Portman Hall in Shillingstone (near Blandford Forum), and is open 11am - 2.30pm. I've even heard a rumour than a certain red-suited white-bearded man will be making an appearance in the afternoon, so it's perfect for your little ones too!  I'd love to see you there. 


  1. This is so nice. This will help me so much in choosing design for my plastic business cards.

  2. That’s my favorite too! The typewriter is a pretty unique addition to the design of your business card! Did you also design the back of it? I’d love to see to it! I think making a card dynamic whichever face you look at it makes it all the more memorable.

    1. It is indeed the best among the three. All are good ones actually but the comparison made a difference. The pink background is too vague and with regards to the other blue concept, I don't think it will be very attractive if you cut any words into half.

      Lissette Monroe

  3. Stunning design deserves to serve as plastic business cards as plastic is much lasting and durable than paper..

  4. This is so nice Thanks for sharing...
    plastic cards

  5. Sooo cute design. I really like the classic designs of business cards.

  6. I hope that you haven’t changed the design of your business card yet because it looks cool to me. It’s very artistic! I’m sure a lot of people who have seen it will have the same opinion too. It just shows how awesome you are as an illustrator. Through this, your customers can effortlessly see how great you are in your work.


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