Thursday, 3 January 2013

Little Monster's Colouring Competition | Winner!

Wow, so I realise I'm a few days late in announcing the winner of my Little Monster's Colouring Competition, but I really didn't expect to find it quite so difficult to choose a winner! I genuinely loved every single entry I received (have a peek at all the entries in my Little Monster Colouring Gallery - I promise you won't be disappointed!). Each entry was so creative, and it was so lovely to see how each child coloured the same colouring sheet so differently. I loved seeing the different colours and materials each child had chosen to use - each was so individual.  I have been mulling over my decision for the past few days, but I have finally come to a conclusion!

So, I am very happy to say that the winning entry is....

This colourful artwork is by Joelle, aged 5. I love the huge range of colours she has used in her entry, and also the fact that she added her own little drawings to the picture too - so cute! A super big well done to Joelle, and I really hope you enjoy the copy of my picture book that I'll be popping in the post to you later today!

This colouring competition is one of the best things I have ever done, as it allowed me to see children interacting with my illustrated colouring sheet; putting their own stamp on it and expressing themselves creatively -  every time I received a new entry, it made me super happy smiley! I'd like to say a massive thank you to every child who took part - I love each and every one of your entries, and I really hope you will continue to colour and doodle and draw and enjoy being creative. I'd also like to thank the parents who printed out the colouring sheet and sent me photos of your little ones' artwork!

Although this competition has now ended, the Monster Elf colouring sheet, along with a range of other monster-themed colouring sheets, is still available from the freebies section of my blog - please feel free to download copies and colour them in. I'd love to see your artwork when you've finished, so please send me photos if you can!

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