Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Illustration Friday | Storm.

I'm a little bit scared of thunder when it's loud and crashy.
I haven't submitted an illustration for Illustration Friday for a super long time, but after popping over to the website earlier today, I noticed that this week's topic is storm. Admittedly, I created the full-version of this image quite a while ago - it's a section of one of the double-page spreads in my illustrated children's picture book I'm A Little Bit Scared Of... - but it just seemed to fit the them perfectly. 

Peeking through the window, watching a storm crash and rage outside whilst you're all safe and snuggled inside is definitely the best way to spend a storm; it's easy to run and hide if it gets a little bit too loud and crashy...

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  1. I just found your blog via Twitter and enjoyed your posts. You have a unique artistic style and I enjoy your use if different media for collages. I'm not much for collage work so I respect an artist who can pull it off. I personally love rain as thunder storms so I would be out in the rain on a day like you created. Best of luck with your book and endeavors.


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