Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Monster Plushie Designs.

I thought I'd share a few little designs I've been working on this week. I was asked to create a possible design for a monster plushie and since drawing monsters is like, my favourite thing ever, I jumped at the chance! Actually really enjoyed designing these little cuties! 

A few initial designs, experimenting with different colours and facial expressions;

I was then asked to make the monster a little smaller and a little cuter, and these were my ideas;

I'm actually a liiiiittle bit in love with the monster on the right and, as my designs aren't actually gonna be used, it's a shame I'm no good at sewing or I'd make it into a cute little plushie myself!

I'll leave you with a photo of me happily working away on the above designs - had to relocate to the bedroom, as my studio is currently super cold - proudly wearing my favourite illustrator clothes; pyjamas and my super awesome unicorn sweater! 

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