Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Amelia's Magazine | London Fashion Week A/W 2011; Jasper Garvida.

Another few illustrations for Amelia's Magazine - these ones are for the Jasper Garvida review, written by Amelia Gregory. Both these illustrations were some of the first few fashion illustrations I produced, and I'd like to think that my more recent ones (the majority of which aren't posted on my blog yet) show my progression in creating such imagery.

After the initial few drawn illustrations, I re-introduced collage aspects into my work - I'm moderately pleased with how this turned out, but I'm really not happy with the faces of these two models. Although I have loved working to tight deadlines for all the LFW illos - I always seem to produce my best work when I'm under pressure - it does have the disadvantage that I occasionally had to send in images that weren't completely perfected.

Read the full article here.

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  1. i can understand you about having to rush things and send "raw" drawings (happened to me and i regret about it!). only i think yours look excellent and are complete and perfected :)


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