Sunday, 6 March 2011

Amelia's Magazine | London Fashion Week A/W 2011; Samantha Cole.

Although I have adored illustrating the brightly coloured and intricately patterned dresses of certain LFW collections, this black and grey outfit by Samantha Cole was definitely the perfect choice for today. I have been feeling horrid all weekend - yesterday, I felt too apathetic to even pick up a pen, let alone start an illustration - so I woke up today determined to make up for the wasted day, and when a number of very black-themed photographs popped into my inbox, they felt like the perfect place to start. As Amelia Gregory explains in her review of the show, the collection 'was all about black, black, black' - both the pieces themselves, and the 'violent black eye make-up that stretched from lash to eyebrow'; this colour scheme totally matched my mood, and this enticed me into creating a dark and intense image.

Check out the full review of the show in Amelia's Magazine.

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  1. Really love this Madi! Her intense stare really suits the fashion and mood of the piece :) xx


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