Tuesday, 1 May 2012

May Draw A Day | Day One.

Earlier today, I was having a little read of Jade's blog, and I came across this; the May Draw A Day Challenge created by Schwarzie by Astrid. The idea behind the challenge is interpret the theme assigned to each day in May and create a little drawing or doodle, photograph it, and share it on your blog, Facebook or Twitter. These are the themes for each day;

You may have noticed that my blog has been a little quiet recently, and that's because I've been taking a little break from my illustration work to focus on getting my eating disorder under control. Now things are getting better I want to get back into my illustration work, but I have been struggling to find the motivation. This challenge seems like the perfect opportunity to ease myself back into illustrating, so every day this month I will be posting a new little illo onto my blog. 

The illustrations I create will not be similar to my usual work; they will be doodles, they won't be polished and perfect. Some days I will draw, some days I will use collage. I am also going to only allow myself half an hour each day to create my drawings, as I tend to get too precious about my work, and I want to challenge myself to create images that aren't completely perfect, but still have the confidence to show them on my blog - this is something I would never usually do. I also just really want to have fun with this - I really want to enjoy creating illustrations again!

So here goes! Today's theme was bunting, and here is my image;

You can find out more about the May Draw a Day challenge here. Happy first of May everyone, I hope you all have a month filled with sunshine. :]


  1. gorgeous! i really really love that madi! i might join in too!

  2. thank you sweet! yeh you should definitely join in too, it's fun! :]

  3. Your creations of work are incredible. your art work is beautiful. I love the way the picture flow so naturally, in in just 30minutes you are a natural :) @getthriftycouk


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